About RareTalent

RareTalent is the recruitment brand of RareSkills, the leading engineering Web3 education platform.

Save 60% on recruiter fees with our candidate sourcing

Our fee is only 8% compared to the industry norm of 20-25%.

Recruiters typically find engineers by doing a lot of outbound marketing, which is resource-intensive.

At RareTalent, the best engineers come to us because we provide industry-leading education materials for free. Additionally, highly motivated engineers pay to join our bootcamps and level up, which gives us a fantastic pool of engineers to recruit from.

Here’s how one engineer at OpenZeppelin described our content:

And here’s the opinion of one of the most followed independent security researchers:

RareSkills is the leader in Web3 developer education:

  • We are the only education resource to explain Zero Knowledge Proofs in a way programmers can understand, through our ZK Book.
  • We maintain the most comprehensive Gas Optimization resource available anywhere.
  • We have the only protocol walkthrough of Compound V3, the most influential DeFi Lending protocol.
  • We host the only Solana Course targeted to experienced Ethereum developers.
  • Our Tornado Cash Walkthrough is the gold standard explainer for how the protocol works.
  • See our Homepage for more resources

Our Fees

Engineering recruiters typically charge 20-25% to source engineers. We charge far less at 8%.

We aren't dependent on our recruitment business to stay afloat

RareSkills makes money through tuition for the bootcamps and grants from large tech platforms to create technical education content about their technology. Since we are already a profitable business, we aren’t reliant on recruitment fees to stay afloat. This allows us to provide a better deal for you.

Why work with RareTalent?

Our content is truly free – we don’t ask people for an email to access it. When you do business with us, you help us re-invest in creating more high quality and free education content. By recruiting through RareTalent you are funding a public good.

Our Terms

  • We charge 8% of the first year salary as our fee.
  • If you decide to terminate employment of the candidate within 60 days because of poor performance, we will find a replacement or refund the fee.
  • We do not have an exclusivity agreement.

Our Team

Jeffrey Scholz
Founder | Lead Instructor
Gayantha De Zoysa
Chief Operating Officer
Sash Perera
Chief of Staff
Matheesha Gamalathge
Project Associate